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Los Angeles battlegroundz is a community based organization that was formed in 2011 as an alternate way of expression for at risk youth and young troubled adults. One of Hip-Hop‘s branches titled (battlerap) has aimed to bridge the gap between the black-n-brown people of today and it has also been used as a form of gang prevention. LABG first made history not only by being the first battle rap division in Los Angeles county but also being the first to have a tryout battle event at the legendary Watts Towers, which was such a success. Watts Towers employees, fans, battle rappers and community leaders today, still mention this positive event which in turn paved the way for more great events like the DVLABG event which shed lite along with educating people on domestic violence and how damaging it is to all communities. LABG continues to grow stronger by employment and travel opportunities for young adults who prior has never even been off their front porch. Our motto is (whereuseethem1st) and most of the top elite Westcoast battle rappers got their start at Labattlegroundz who are now what the battle rap culture calls “top-tier” and they travel all over the world competing with other battle rappers. Battle Rap is one of the last true forms of freedom of speech. These kids need a voice and we're the vehicle that drives it. - LABG


LABGMEDIATEAM & Consultants provide a wide range of media needs to help your company stay relevant & afloat in this here today gone tomorrow world of business.

Here’s what we can provide 4K & HD videography, photography, treatments, script writing,editing ,Ariel Drone shot ,web design ,social media marketing & management.


Parents, looking for some media training for your soon-to-be home for the summer kids? Sign up at the YMCA in Downey! 2-hr class for 6 weeks. You can go have some coffee or visit a friend while We teach them the Art of photography! we will be heading to all surrounding cities soon! Compton, Long Beach,Inglewood ,Watts, Bellflower, Lakewood and more! #wecandobetter 

👉🏾 http://barbaraseniorsharkinsfoundation.org/

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